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The staff and board of SCM Community Transportation bid Executive Director Reed Cochran a fond farewell as she prepares to depart at the end of August, 2014. Thank you, Reed, for your nine years helping to Give the Community a Lift!
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Hi, and welcome to Door2Door Transportation by SCM. Call us at (617) 625-1191 if you need van service in Greater Boston. We can carry up to 14 people per vehicle almost anywhere. For very reasonable fees.

What's so special about us? We are a not-for-profit organization that focuses primarily on assisting senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Door2Door's transportation programs help these neighbors maintain healthy, mobile and connected lives, even without car keys.

Door2Door takes those who need us to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, family events and beyond. In fact, we provide 9,500 trips a month, serving 3,000 individuals. Most of these trips are free of charge to the rider.

How can you help? One way is to make a donation. Another is to book some of your own trips with SCM. Proceeds from our paid excursions go to support the critical, health-sustaining transport we do as our "day job." So, if you and five friends use SCM to go to a party, you are supporting Door2Door services for our elderly and disabled ridership.

See you on the road!

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